Air Conditioning and Heating Maintenance



Research has shown that preventive HVAC maintenance helps extend a heating and cooling system’s lifespan. Most homeowners still regard it as an expense they can afford to avoid. However, investing in preventive HVAC maintenance pays for itself over the long term by reducing your home’s energy bills. It can also assist in  lowering your system’s repair costs and enhancing its overall performance.

HVAC systems have numerous complex components.  The best course of action is to leave the maintenance to a professional contractor. HART HVAC has experience in finding functional issues and repairing them. At HART HVAC, our team of technicians is trained to work on all makes and models of air conditioners and heaters, ensuring each component operates as it’s supposed to.

By being a valued maintenance club member, you will receive 15% off the prevailing rate on those system repairs you might be  dreading. Call us today and a team member can get you all the information you need. We want to help you  save money on your utilities.

At Home HVAC Maintenance Tips

Clean or Change Your Filter Monthly

Excessive dust or dirt in a filter can block airflow, which forces a unit to work harder to maintain your preferred temperature.

Keep Outdoor Unit Clean

The outdoor unit should be clear of debris, leaves and shrubbery. The unit needs a free flow of air over the coil. Keep the coil clean with periodic wash-downs and avoid anything that restricts airflow.

Let The Thermostat Do Its Job

Your system will perform more efficiently when you let the thermostat control it. Continually adjusting the temperature can be very inefficient. Set the thermostat at a comfortable level and leave it there.

HART HAC is your choice for efficient and affordable HVAC service in Weatherford, TX  and surrounding cities. Contact us today to learn more about how we can enhance comfort in your home or office.