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Eliminate Your Circuit Breaker Problems

The electrical system is like the nervous system of your home—when your electrical panel starts to fail, it will affect your whole system. The panel houses the circuit breakers, which manage the flow of electricity, safeguard against short-circuit and over-current hazards, and hinder devastating electrical fires.

Need electrical panel upgrade or repair in DFW or the surrounding areas? Our professional electricians at HART HVAC can make sure your breaker box is in peak working order.

Don’t wait until it’s too late; give us a call today at (682) 804-81890 or contact us online.

What Happens When Circuit Breakers Trip?

The purpose of a circuit breaker is to safeguard your property from electrical shorts and over-currents. If a circuit breaker does not trip like it is supposed to, heat is conducted to the panel and other breakers. This will lead to the melting of other breakers.

On the occasion that your circuit breaker trips, it probably just needs to be reset. However, a circuit breaker that constantly trips is sign that there is something else going on. Your wiring or panel may need to be upgraded or you might have a circuit that is overloaded.

The following signs should tell you that you that you have a serious problem that needs attention:

  • Repeated tripped breaker switches
  • Lights that flicker/dim
  • Burning odor or sparks
  • Corrosion or rust
  • Burn marks

What Are the Advantages of Electrical Panel Replacement?

Are you experiencing problems with your circuit breakers? See how you can optimize your home’s safety and energy supply thanks to electrical panel replacement in The DFW or the surrounding areas.

Explore the advantages of electrical panel replacement below.

  • Enhance your home’s safety – Protect your property and help prevent the potential risk of an electrical fire posed by a malfunctioning electrical panel.
  • Get a steadier supply of power – Because older panels usually fail to produce the consistent level of power necessary for modern appliances and technology, electrical panel replacement helps you avoid overloading and causing your circuit breakers to trip.
  • Add more circuits during an upgrade – Increase the number of circuits available in your panel so you can power your electronics and appliances more easily.

Get peace of mind by helping to eliminate the safety risks associated with a faulty electrical panel. Contact HART HVAC today for a free estimate!

What Causes a Breaker Box to Go Bad?

A breaker box can go bad due to a variety of factors. One of the most common causes is age, as older breakers may need help handling the load demands. In addition, overloading the circuit with too many electrical devices can also lead to a breaker box going bad.

Can a Homeowner Replace an Electrical Panel?

If a homeowners is licensed and experienced, then yes, they can replace an electrical panel. Shall they be inexperienced, homeowners should not attempt replacing an electrical panel because it can be dangerous. They should seek a professional electrician for a panel replacement.

Does My Panel Need to Be Replaced or Upgraded?

Between the 1950s and the 1980s, many homes had a Federal Pacific (FPE) or Zinsco electrical panel installed. These panels could go for years without a problem. Then, suddenly, the breakers on the electrical panels failed to trip. This caused many incidents of fires all around the country.

If you’re not sure if your home has one of these panels, give our experienced HART HVAC electricians a call. They will come check out your panel and offer you a free estimate should you need electrical panel service or replacement.

With Electrical Panels, Don’t Go It Alone

Attempting to work on a breaker box when you are not properly trained is extremely risky. You could end up with serious injury to yourself or others, as well as serious property damage. Once you have checked with your power company to make sure there is no problem with the electrical service, certified technicians should be called in to do the job.

Not Sure If You Need Electrical Service? Call HART HVAC

For many years, we’ve seen just about every electrical issue, from ceiling fan problems to malfunctioning electrical panels to frequently tripped breakers. Safety, reliability, and your satisfaction are our top priorities. We always conduct business by being honest and we will never give you the run around. We’ll give you a free estimate and a fair price on electrical panel upgrades in The DFW.

At HART HVAC, we stand behind our work and we stand with our customers. We offer integrity in everything we do.

Wondering if you have a faulty panel? Give HART HVAC a call at (682) 804-8190 today!

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