Heater Repair In Weatherford TX

Furnace & HVAC Heating Services

Even though the DFW area usually doesn’t get bitterly cold temperatures, it’s still important for our customers here to have a reliable heating system. Heaters keep you and your family warm on cold or chilly days, but you could lose that heat if your system fails. At HART HVAC, our experts can provide you with heating repairs, heating  replacements and heating installations, as well as routine heater maintenance so that your home stays safe and warm during the chilly winter season.

At HART HVAC, our experienced team offers high-quality furnace and HVAC heating services for residential customers throughout DFW and surrounding cities. Reach out today to see how we can help you stay safe this winter!

Gas Furnace Repair & Installation

Gas furnaces are a common source of heating for homeowners in the DFW area since they provide a highly affordable source of heat. In order to make sure that your gas furnace is able to heat your home safely and efficiently, you should have any problems with it checked as soon as possible. Prompt repairs for minor gas furnace problems help prevent much larger problems from occurring. HART HVAC has a variety of options available to you on repairs and replacement to make sure you are comfortable and safe in your home.

Electric Furnace Repair & Installation

Electric furnaces offer lower upfront costs, cleaner energy sources, and no risk of gas leaks and other problems that traditional furnaces can have. If you have an electric furnace in your home, you can depend on having plenty of warmth in your home as long as it keeps working. When problems with your electric furnace come up, our technicians can take care of them promptly. At HART HVAC, you can rely on our team for electric furnace repair and maintenance services, along with electric furnace replacements and installations. Our services can help keep your electric furnace in top condition for many years, so you won’t have to worry about having it replaced sooner than expected.

Air Handlers

If your North Texas home doesn’t have a furnace, it’s probably heated by an air handler. These push both hot and cold air through your home and can cause great discomfort when they break down. HART HVAC can fix these issues in no time.  We’ll keep your air handler unit serviced and safe as long as we can. If the need arises, HART HVAC has excellent options on replacement and even offers great financing options.

Heat Pump Replacement & Repair

Heat pumps provide homes in DFW  with improved efficiency, leading to lower energy bills. Since these systems provide heating and cooling, it’s important to keep them in excellent condition and have any problems with them taken care of as soon as possible. When your heat pump isn’t working right, the team at HART HVAC will be there promptly to resolve your issues. From HEAT PUMP repairs, HEAT PUMP replacement and HEAT PUMP maintenance, HART HVAC can handle it all.